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I'm here and I"m around- I just really haven't been able to post much of anything.  This was a very busy summer- but I've also simply lost my muse.  I'm hoping it comes back soon. 
Went on vacation and had a great time, but brought back a sore throat and now a cold. :|

i give up rofl.  so I'll be back here EVENTUALLY.
and now I'm dealing with a sinus infection AND bronchitis. Hasn't been fun.  I really hope to be more active soon.  Just want to give everyone a heads up.
It's been busy and super stressful at my job this time of year and to top things off I'm really sick; bad bronchitis.  The doctors thought it was pneumonia, thank GOD it wasn't.
So hopefully I should be up and running again soon; back to making some art!  Thanks for bearing with me :heart:
's been a while since I've written one of these.  I have so many things I'd like to get going art wise and my muse has been very fickle; please bear with me. Also life in general has just been grueling and has just not left me with a whole lot of time to do much.

I have a little note for the folks in the :iconfawnlings: fawnlings group.  I've been interested in trying to be a little more active again, and was looking for a possible glenmore fawn.  I could provide the breeding proof or rp with the parents when the fawn is born. If anyone's got any does or stags that are available, could they link them in the comments?

 I've got some rps and collabs in the work for Keelin too, just gotta kick this very fickle muse in the butt!

Thanks to whoever reads this. :)